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Medical Tourism

Institution structure

List of dental departments operating under the compulsory medical insurance:

  • dental department;
  • orthodontic department;
  • surgical dentistry office;
  • dental laboratory;
  • X-ray diagnostic room.


  • children's dentist;
  • dental surgeon;
  • orthodontist;
  • Dentist;

Specialists with secondary medical education:

  • X-ray laboratory assistant;
  • Dental Technician;
  • nurse.

Department for the provision of paid medical services (for children and adults): Specialists:

  • children's dentist;
  • dental surgeon;
  • orthodontist;
  • Dentist-therapist ;
  • dentist;
  • dentist orthopedist;

Specialists with secondary medical education:

  • nurse;
  • X-ray laboratory assistant;
  • Dental Technician.

Mucosal hood excision during retention of the 8th tooth of the lower jaw
Removal of stone from the duct of the submandibular, sublingual salivary glands
Removal of teeth in chronic periodontitis
The formation of one cavity
Applying a dressing for deep caries, pulpitis treatment methods
Disclosure of a tooth cavity with drug treatment
Pulp Amputation
Extirpation, decay removal from 1 channel
Impregnation or drug treatment of 1 channel
Filling one channel with paste
Sealing one canal with a gutta-percha pin
The imposition of a devitalizing, mummifying drug
Temporary filling
Unsealing 1 channel (Zn-O main)
Unlocking 1 channel (rez-form.paste)
Mechanical and chemical expansion of the obliterated root canal.
Removing a temporary seal
Restoration of a single-root tooth crown
(parapulpar or anchor pin)
Reconstruction of a multi-root tooth crown
(parapulpar or anchor pin)
Seal removal, crown trepanation
Root canal perforation closure
Change rubber traction
Hygiene Index Definition
Removal of dental deposits in the area of ​​one tooth
Drug treatment of the oral cavity
with diseases of the mucosa
Drug treatment of pathological periodontal pockets
Curettage in the area of ​​1 pathological pocket
Temporary splinting of 6-8 teeth with wire
Opening of a periodontal abscess
Excision of the gingival papillae
Applying a ½ jaw fixative dressing
Application in the field of 2-4 teeth with drugs
Vincent's treatment of gingive stomatitis
Dressing after complex surgery
Opening an abscess of soft tissues in the oral cavity
Opening of the abscess of the subperiosteum (washing, drainage)
Treatment of alveolitis with curettage
Cystectomy (with resection of the apex of the root)
Cystotomy (with resection of the apex of the root)
Removal of benign tumors in the periodontal area
and oral mucosa
Hood excision
Tire removal
Tongue frenum plastic
1 stitch removal
Lavage of the duct of the salivary glands
Tooth implantation
Relaxing incision
Upper lip frenum plastic
Tongue frenum dissection (up to 3 months)
Removing a simple permanent, temporary tooth in children
Removing complex permanent, temporary tooth in children
using a drill and / or mucosal exfoliation
Fissure coating of 1 tooth with sealant
Remineralizing therapy (1 session)
Mechanical and drug bleeding stop
Polishing fillings
Selective grinding or separation of 2-4 teeth
Application anesthesia
Maxillofacial anesthesia, infiltration
Conduction anesthesia
X-ray reading
Cement filling (chemical curing)
Metal-containing seal
Compound material for chemical curing
Silvering of superficial caries in the area of ​​1-2 teeth
Treatment of acute forms of stomatitis, OGS, primary
Treatment of acute forms of stomatitis, OGS, repeated
Treatment of recurrent mucosal pathology
Treatment of periodontal disease
Fluoridation under the control of all teeth
Local fluoridation under control
Removal of the 1st supernumerary tooth
Removal of a retined and distoped tooth
Salivary Gland Disease Treatment
Reduction of the dislocation of the temporomandibular joint
Exposure of the crown of a retined tooth
Primary appointment with a dentist
ambulatory (comprehensive)
Admission to the dentist medical diagnostic, repeated, amb.
Dentist at home
Dentist reception
Primary, outpatient appointment with a dentist-surgeon
Reception of a dentist-surgeon is repeated, outpatient
Primary, outpatient orthodontist appointment
Reception of a dentist-orthodontist, outpatient
Dental x-ray
Panoramic radiography
Casting with 1 jaw cast mass
Casting diagnostic models from gypsum
Preparation of a tooth under a crown
Relocation of the orthodontic device
Crown fitting
Activation of the orthodontic apparatus
Definition of central occlusion
Replacing the 1st Ligature
Orthodontic Appliance Correction
Massage and myogymnastics session with teaching children with parents
Removing or cementing 1 crown
Making an orthodontic plate with 2 clasps
The Making of Clammer Adams
Making an orthodontic plate with 1 tooth made of plastic
Making an orthodontic plate with 2 teeth made of plastic
Making an orthodontic plate with 3 teeth made of plastic
Making an orthodontic plate with 4 teeth made of plastic
Production of a lingual arch (clasp)
Inclined plane manufacturing
Fabrication of the vestibular arch
Making a pelota for the formation of the vestibule of the oral cavity
Making a spring complex
Making a stop for the tongue
Production of a plastic overlay for overpopulation
Making a round clasp
Production of wire palatine (clasp)
Screw fitting
Making mouth guards to separate the bite
Modeling 1 tooth
Production and fitting of 1 stamped orthodontic crown
Soldering parts (1 soldering)
Production of stamped steel reduction crowns
Making a plastic crown
Making a foot (hook) in a bridge
Repair an orthodontic appliance

Telephone reference 

8 (495) 466-43-43

Email: dsp43@zdrav.mos.ru

Address: 117570, Moscow, Dnepropetrovskaya st., 33 "B" 





Clinic opening times:

Monday 8am - 8pm
Tuesday 8am - 8pm
Wednesday 8am - 8pm
Thursday 8am - 8pm
Friday 8am - 8pm
Saturday 9am - 3pm
Sunday 9am - 3pm

Paid Medical Services Provision:

Monday 8am - 8pm
Tuesday 8am - 8pm
Wednesday 8am - 8pm
Thursday 8am - 8pm
Friday 8am - 8pm
Saturday 9am - 8pm
Sunday 9am - 8pm

Types of medical services provided by the Department of Provision of Paid Services in the Public Health Institution “Chipboard No. 43 DZM”:

Therapeutic dentistry:

  • the use of modern carpul anesthetics;
  • use of new composite photopolymers;
  • use of endodontic instruments, endomotors, apex locators;
  • Art restoration with high-quality light-cured materials.
  • Children's dentistry:
    • caries treatment using modern glass ionomer cements, compomers and light cured composites;
    • treatment of pulpitis of temporary teeth in one visit.

Surgical Dentistry:

  • painless removal of milk and permanent teeth;
  • plastic frenum of the upper and lower lips, frenum of the tongue.

Orthopedic Dentistry:

  • dental prosthetics (removable prosthetics, cermets, non-metal ceramics, veneers).


  • extended consultation (anthropometry, radiology, treatment planning);
  • treatment of anomalies using removable equipment (single-jaw and double-jaw plate devices);
  • treatment of anomalies using fixed equipment (individual devices, bracket systems);
  • we treat anomalies in patients of all age groups;
  • observation of patients at the end of orthodontic treatment (retention period).

Dental implantation:

  • restoration of a lost tooth without damaging adjacent teeth;
  • installation of a fixed prosthesis in the complete absence of teeth;
  • improved fixation of the removable prosthesis.

Professional oral hygiene:

  • training in oral hygiene, controlled brushing, selection of individual means for prevention;
  • removal of hard and soft dental deposits (by hand, ultrasound, Air Flow apparatus);
  • fluoridation and mineralization of teeth with gels, varnishes, suspensions;
  • sealing fissures and fossae of teeth with light-cured sealants.

X-ray examination:

  • maxillofacial region (intraoral radiography and orthopantomogram).